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Be the Life-PreneurTM

Journey of a Life-PreneurTM

Innovation Engineering
Live Workshop at AKGEC Ghaziabad
March 25-26, 2022
Education : Business Essentials
Lateral Thinking
Master the tools of Lateral Thinking to think Out of The Box and Invent New Possibilities.
Education : Student Essentials
Dreams & Actions
Education : Teacher Essentials
10x Engagement
Education : Family Essentials
Communication Maestro
Environment : Uzoo Labs
Note Book Innovation
Notebook that inspire & accelerate for your extraordinary potential.
Innovation : Uzoo Labs
Read : How Self University is helping the India’s Youth Reimagine what Learning can be?… The 21st Century Approach!
Environment : 1000 Businesses
Case Study : How 1000 Business Environment helped 60 yr. old granny Entrepreneur to start her Company Maa…
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