Communication Maestro
An online course that will teach you to develop skills to create Better Results & Better Relationships
Why This Training?
The resistance we have for communicating are often the communication we need to have !
  How can we Understand why others are doing what they are doing?
  How can one have effective conversations in difficult times like difference of opinion, high stake issues or emotionally charged situations?
  How can we communicate for better results & relationships when dealing with Bad Behavior, Violated Expectations, Broken Promise?
  Communication Maestro is a workshop that will move participants from being stuck in difficult situations to communicate effectively to breakthrough the resistance and cause Transformation.
  The world that we live in is becoming full of reaction that is often the source of misery. Communication Maestro will truly be a catalyst for young generation in bringing positive change in society as it will enable them to overcome resistance of self & others.
Before you start this course, we suggest you to Self Evaluate.
Who it is For
Busy full-time professionals who want to level-up their own innovation skills and drive change within their organizations. It’s your chance to go deeper than the books and learn directly from the authors, thought leaders and leading practitioners in the field.
Self evaluate your ability on scale (1 to 10) around communication outcomes
Communication Audits Lists
Make a list of people & situations where you would like to produce results & better relationships
See/Hear-Story-Feel -Act
Unlock the universal design of communication and set yourself up for an extra ordinary adventure of communication.
Challenges, Goals, Assumption. World of Virus & Aliveness
Learn the 2 processors and the way they would lead to totally different thinking & behavior.
Define Purpose
Discover the fundamental goal of every communication.
3rd Story
Learn to see what happened from 3rd angle. Be aware of the choices that you now have.
Listen Their Story
Master the act of listening before speaking. This will set you apart from 95 % of humanity.
Share Your Story
Learn to express yourself fully. Master expressing feelings & facts while creating psychological safety.
Solve Problem
Create effective results & empowered relationships.
You will now engage in working on your list of people with a dedicated buddy & coach. Get on the go support for now and later.
Post Training Self Analysis
Self reflects the Transformation. Do the same self-evaluation to quantitively & qualitatively see the difference in your communication skills.
One methodology, a wide range of practical applications
Learning to become effective in resolving & communicating is considered to be one of the most important skills of 21st century. It will help tremendously in family life as well as professional life.
New Identities you would be seeing developing in Yourself –

A Conflict Resolver
Empathy for others
Effective Decision Maker
Efficient Communicator
Awesome Problem Solver
Enhanced Leadership
More Agility & Adaptable
Life Time Usage 

As a Professional – This skill will help you tremendously to life an effective professional life. As a professional we are always dealing with Uncertain Situations and Limited Information. Communication Maestro training is Saviour in these difficult situations.

As Family Person / Parent – Today there are enormous divorces cases happening across the world. As a partner you will be able to handle your conflicts with ease. There is a need that we develop our skills in Parenting. The skills learnt here will help you as future parent or helping your younger siblings to create better relationships and produce better results.
Meet Your Educator
Varun Chamadiya
Mr Varun is the Founder of Proactive ‘l’ an education & innovation company. Its mantra is to Democratize Excellence. Proactive ‘I’ conduct workshops for students, teachers, families & corporates on Life Skills called the 8 building blocks. World class educators such as Dr. Edward De Bono, Tony Buzan, Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Prof. Ganesh P Bagaria, etc, are major contributors to the body of knowledge used. Mr. Varun Chamadiya has the privilege of being trained with many of them.
Collaborate With
Imagine transforming the entire environment of the family by learning to communicate better. We believe the new  future where every family having a family coach who helps families create right culture for wellness & growth. dFamilySchool is designed to enable participants of communication maestro  to be Family Coach. This will enable them to take care of their own family and an opportunity to transform other families environments. As Family Coach – You could be asked to followup, share your experience, respond to others who want to transform their own journey. As Supplier – You could take up roles in setting up the Infrastructure, Create Resources for the further development of dFamilyschool. As Influencer – You could take responsibility for activating, empowering & Promoting the communication maestro skills to the world. As Innovator – You could be involved in the discovery, exploration  & creation of new possibilities around of the family needs & education.

Expand Your Network Join virtual live discussion groups for deeper conversation, reflection, and connection led by Inspired Coaches.

Make Your Dream Into Reality Gain tips, techniques, and a downloadable feedback guide; and share and receive feedback on assignments from peers.
Yes, we offer a collection of video previews of the course. This will give you a clear idea of the content covered in the course.
You have lifetime access, no limits!
Yes, you’ll get a verifiable Proactive I certificate of completion when you finish the course.
The Intention of both method is to master the 7 outcomes of Make Academics a cakewalk. In the offline version (Live Events) the energy and group participation is much higher. And in the online course one gets the freedom to do any time any place. Both have their advantages.
We’re so confident you’ll love it, we want you to be able to try it risk-free. If you don’t like it, send an email to and we’ll give you a full refund.
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