Proactive 'I' at a Glance

Proactive I is an education and Innovation company known for its unique model of workshops, it’s platforms and innovation labs.

As early leaders in the practice of cracking things by design, we create positive impact through our workshops, platforms and its innovation labs by applying the skillset, mindset, environment set and tools.

We help clients and customers around the world build the capacity and outcomes required to navigate today’s complexity and lead their markets.

As problem solvers, we drive change, build new ventures, and design digital and tangible experiences for business, social, and governmental sectors through co-creation with our clients. As teachers, we help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate the confidence they need to step into the future with optimism and creativity.

Our unique model where the participants becomes practisoners of our core philosophy we drive change with a community of 20,000 plus participants. Each one has an opportunity to explore and involve in areas of thier interest. includes designers, builders, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, and other specialists.
Fast Facts

Proactive ‘I’ means Activate your Pro ‘I’ = Self.

Proactive I roots date back to 2009 when our founder Mr. Varun dropped out of his college to pursue his passion for Innovation.

Today we have our lab at Satna, India. The birthplace of Varun which he says is his sense of patriotism for his own roots.

Our founder is Varun Chamadiya.
Proactive I interdisciplinary model of trainings, platforms and its innovation labs. It all blends into a very intuitive and naturally connecting skills and expertise.

8 building blocks are :-
MACW (Make Academics a Cake Walk)
Personal Strength
Dreams & Actions
Nurture the Creative Self
Communication Maestro
Live Health
Money Masters
Community Study Program

Associated Platforms :-

The Teachers Academy
a dedicated platform to help teachers increase their engagement 10x and become experience designers.

4th Environment
Organising humanity around purpose. A platform to help individuals achieve their highest potential.

1000 Business
a venture helping other ventures to thrive and incubate into reality. helping people start their business.

a gifting platform for Innovators and solving gifting needs for the world. it’s the worlds most fulfilling gifting initiative.

Individual Invention
Helping individual Inventors to license their ideas with global companies.

Uzoo Labs
Consulting companies, government and community for them to Innovate and grow.

D Family School
helping families to live a fulfilling lives. A dedicated school for communication effectiveness in and around family members. Also place for new Innovation around family.

Proactive I Court’s
a Innovative model for resolving disagreement and disappointments in society. Thus creating a harmonious world.

Divine Connect
a culinary expedition manifesting into a school of culinary arts and cafe’s and restaurants.

Farm to Fork
a community members nurturing growing food in a healthy way.

a platform to help individuals improve develop and build their investments.

Community Impacts
creating social impact projects that are transforming societies in a small way and helping individuals to nurture their own leadership quality.
Uzoo Labs in addition to this is a dedicated Uzoo Innovation labs providing its unique blend of service design, design thinking, value proposition design, visual thinking, gamification, lateral Thinking and help various individuals, teams and organisations to Innovate and grow.

Just a Few :-
Digital Transformation
Learning & Education
Emerging Media
Food Science
Health & Wellness
Toys, Games & Play
Gratitude :-
Guru Jaggi Vasudev – Isha Foundation
Mr. S.N. Goenka – Vipassana Teacher

Acknowledgement to People :-
Mr. Vinod Sood (MD – Hughes Systique Corporation)
Shri A Nagraj Ji – Founder Jeevan Vidhya
Prof. Ganesh Bagaria & Team – Jeevan Vidhya Prabodhak
Dr. Edward De bono – Father of Lateral Thinking
Tony Buzan – Mind Maps Inventor
Micheal Mikhalko – Educator of Creative Thinking & Author
Tony Robbins – Life Skills Educator
Yu Kai – Gamification Educator & Consultant.
Mathew Kenny – Vegan Chef
Anju Venkat – Educator @ THAC
Dr. Vivek Bhartiya

Acknowledgement to Organizations :-
Isha Foundation
Landmark Education
Bihar School of Yoga
NVC(Non Violence Communication)
THAC – The Health Awareness Center Arogya Mandir