Money Masters
An online course that will teach you how to shift from consumer mentality to producers / investors mindset
Why This Training?
 How can I nurture my financial quotient that takes care of my financial future and inspires me to be a true-value creator?
 Financial literacy is probably one of the most important aspects of our education. Yet if we look at how many numbers of hours have we invested in this area, most of us will find a big gap.
  This workshop imparts financial fundamentals to young generations that will create a foundation of right thinking towards money. Leading to prosperity and well-being. Having the right distinction about money will allow them to be Happy Value Creators & Nurture Investing skills in them.
Before you start this course, we suggest you to Self Evaluate.
Who it is For
Busy full-time professionals who want to level-up their own innovation skills and drive change within their organizations. It’s your chance to go deeper than the books and learn directly from the authors, thought leaders and leading practitioners in the field.
Self Audit on Money Masters Outcomes.
Investor Mindset
Understand what it means to be an Investor and learn the powerful mindset, skillset, environment set and skills that will nurture your money quotient.
Money – Emotional Quotient
Discover the fear, negative beliefs and learn powerful principles to overcome Money Fear.
Money – Intelligence Quotient
Unlock the Intelligence required to master the Money.
Time Value of Money
Master the timeless golden formulas of the time value of money to understand the power of compounding.
Cash Flow Game
Play this game to learn the wisdom of money. What, Why, and How of the Money.

Personal Financial Plan
In the timeline of life and then seeing the future self create a life time financial plan.

Basics of Investing in Stocks
Learn the key knowledge that will make you demystify the stock market.
Learn to Invests
Learn the fundamental of Investing. The magic is in the Basic.
Mind-Maps & Play and master the new skills – cashflow & Investing
Master the art financial freedom or exiting rat race and learn to invest in realtime without the risk of loosing real money.
Post Training Self Analysis
Self reflect the Transformation. Do the same self evaluation to quantitively & qualitatively see the difference.
One methodology, a wide range of practical applications
The skill set learnt from Money Masters will serve as a true catalyst for creating Financial Well-Being.
New Identities 

A new sense of confidence
Financial Genius
Life Time Usage 

As a Student – You will start to Invest in a very early age and the benefits will serve you for life time. Also you’ll be able to inspire other fellows for their financial well being.

As a Professional – You would have plans from Day 1 when you start earning on how to allocate funds. The rare skill that is seen today among the youth.

As a Family Person – You would be able to participate in financial  discussions and proactively create plans for family financial well-being.
Meer Your Educators
Mr Varun Chamadiya
Mr Varun is the Founder of Proactive ‘l’ an education & innovation company. Its mantra is to Democratize Excellence. Proactive ‘I’ conduct workshops for students, teachers, families & corporates on Life Skills called the 8 building blocks. World class educators such as Dr. Edward De Bono, Tony Buzan, Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Prof. Ganesh P Bagaria, etc, are major contributors to the body of knowledge used. Mr. Varun Chamadiya has the privilege of being trained with many of them.
Mr Kunal Khurana


Mr Shubham Jain
Let InvestiBank be a Platform for Lifetime Financial Success
Lets’ Co Create this Platform!
The Investibank  The Vision of InvestiBank is to Innovate new concepts for helping Young People Financial Wellbeing. With this vision we all could co- create with following Roles

As Concept Developer – You could join hands with R&D team to discover the Gaps and Innovate powerful concepts.

As Tech Lead – You could join hands in making the tech piece of Investibank

As Educator – You could join the body of Financial Literacy Educators and help others master financial literacy & also share your knowledge that could help everyone excel further.

As Resource Provider – You could provide network, funding or anything you think that could be a Game Changer !

As Influencer – you could connect us with people, institute, companies to spread the magic of 8th Block Money Masters.  
Yes, we offer a collection of video previews of the course. This will give you a clear idea of the content covered in the course.
You have lifetime access, no limits!
Yes, you’ll get a verifiable Proactive I certificate of completion when you finish the course.
The Intention of both method is to master the 7 outcomes of Make Academics a cakewalk. In the offline version (Live Events) the energy and group participation is much higher. And in the online course one gets the freedom to do any time any place. Both have their advantages.
We’re so confident you’ll love it, we want you to be able to try it risk-free. If you don’t like it, send an email to and we’ll give you a full refund.
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